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Photos of Free Market November 2005
Shoes and bags for the needy
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The Camphor gym made a perfect Free Market
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Edythe & David Lawrence and sister, Bettie, help to organize the tables
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She found several dresses in her size
Viewed 2900 times
He found a new iron.
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Although camera shy, she showed us her full bag
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She wished she had more hands for the blankets and sweaters
Viewed 2855 times
She said that Christmas had come early for her family
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The tables were full of items donated by the church
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He was very happy with the sweaters and socks.
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The suede jacket was a great find!
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A better view of the jeans (and hairstyle)
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The wrangler jeans and blankets will keep her warm
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She loved the "grandma" wall plaques
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He loved the travel books
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