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Welcome to Camphor Memorial United Methodist Church! Welcome to Camphor Memorial United Methodist Church!

The Pastor's Prayer Portal The Pastor's Prayer Portal

I welcome you to the Camphor Memorial United Church prayer portal. As I hear from you, as I hear your heart's cry and the challenges that bewilder you on a daily basis, I will lift them up with you to God who has promised to answer prayer. We will together light a holy fire before God and send up intercessions with groans and cries to the Father of lights. He has promised that His ears are not deaf to hear us when we call; He has promised that He won't turn away any who come to Him.
Come with me on this journey into prayer.

God bless you all!

Sat, Feb 05 2011

As we celebrate black History month, I call on all Christians to remember our black brothers and sisters in public and private service in this nation and across the world. We uplift all those in Government, in the senate, in the congress, in caucauses, in the Church, in business, in the forefront of the fight for justice and equity and in all sectors of society. May God give them wisdom, perseverance, courage and boldness to speak up, stand up, walk and run for what is just and true. In their moments of distress and challenge, may God give their heart wings to soar like the eagle to higher heights. In their confrontation with evil and hatred, bias and segregation, may they lift their eyes up to the God who fights for the oppressed yet loves the oppressor. May they never lose heart until the heart cry of the fathers for a more equitable and just society be realized. Amen.

Mon, Nov 15 2010
Standing in Need of Prayer
Tue, Feb 02 2010
Mon, Jan 25 2010
Mon, Jan 11 2010
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