Happy October Birthday!

Posted by: Admin on Thu, Oct 1, 2009:

May God bless you on your birthday and may true happiness be yours through the coming year!

Mr. Norman Bell

Mrs. Ann Best

Mrs. Marie Boswell

Mr. Herbert Campbell Sr.

Mrs. Francis Deas

Mrs. Grace Euell

Mrs. Annabelle Gordon

Mrs. Ruth Harmon

Mr. Anthony Howard

Mr. Alphonso Jasper

Mr. Charles Keels

Mrs. Arthur M. Langford

Mrs. Floretta McMillon

Mrs. Judy Mellix

Mr. Norris Molock

Ms. Ursula Otto

Ms. Deborah Terrell

Ms. Diane Thompson

Mrs. Carol-Ann Thomas-Douglas

Mrs. Ella Tomlinson

Mr. Frederick Wilder, Sr.


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