Rev. Herbert Palmer is Interim Pastor at Camphor

Posted by: Admin on Thu, May 5, 2005:

Rev. Herbert Palmer has returned to Camphor as Interim Pastor for the period, April 17 to June 30, 2005.  Rev. Palmer brings a wealth of experience to assist Camphor during the transition of pastoral leadership until the arrival of Senior Pastor, Rev. Laurie Ann Rookard, on July 1, 2005.  Rev. Palmer's ministry in the vineyard of Christ expands over 42 years and includes ministerial appointments at Emmanuel, Spring Garden, Sanctuary, Union Memorial, Haven Memorial, Tindley Temple and Camphor Memorial (Interim Pastor) UMCs and as South District Superintendant, Executive Director of Metro Ministries and Interim Director of Urban Ministries.  On Saturday, May 1, 2005, a half-day Revitalization Retreat was convened, under Rev. Palmer's leadership, and plans were formulated to get the ministries of the church back on track.  A summary of the retreat that was facilitated by Rev. David Brown and Ms. Ruth Harmon, is attached below. 

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